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19 OCTOBER 2018
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Tuesday, 21 November 2017 15:24
So how do you think it went?
We are talking about 2017 of course and we are really keen to know how you feel about it.

Was 2017 a good year for you, or a lousy one? Has the payments industry moved forward in an energised, exciting and ground-breaking way – or is it stuck in a mire of regulation, legacy systems and poor management, with new players getting a free run at an open playing field?  

And talking of new players, if you are one, how is it for you? Business good? Where are your growth areas? Is new technology helping, or confusing things?

Here at Card & Payments World, where we have been reporting on the payments industry for well over 20 years, we are absolutely fascinated by how 2017 has panned out, not least because it really depends on where you are coming from, what part of the business you are in, and whether you have been in a successful business or a stalled player.

So please let us know in your own words, and tell us if you want to stay anonymous or get the glory. If it is glory, can you send a head and shoulders photo, name and job title. If you choose anonymity, be sure we will respect that.

As to the questions below: By all means answer them all, or choose a couple to enlarge upon, or feel free to let rip about something totally different.

We are really looking forward to your responses – and by all means pass this on to others you feel should be given the chance to have their say.

The answers will be part of our end of year report in the November/December edition of Card & Payments World. So hurry with your comments, there is no time to waste!!

Here is the full list of questions. Feel free to pick out the four or five you feel like asking - or even just one! Quick answers are great, but by all means enlarge on the subject if you think it is necessary.

Who or what were the biggest risks to payments in 2017? What is likely to be the biggest risk to payments on 2018?

Who or what scares you? (PSD2, cybercrime, GDPR, Trump, Brexit, cybercrime or something else)?Which companies do you think will make an impact in 2018?

What will happen to mobile wallets in 2018?

What will blockchain be used for in 2018?

Who would you most like to make friends with on New Year’s Eve?

Who will you try to avoid in 2018?

What did you fail to understand in 2017 (GDPR, AI, Brexit, Trump or anything else)?

What is going to be hard to understand in 2018?

PSD2 makes it easier for alternative payments providers, but will newcomers make inroads into traditional bank territory in 2018?

What were the best and worst jobs in 2017? What will be the best and worst jobs in 2018?

Who did well and who did badly in 2017? Who will do well and badly in 2018?

Who or what received the most publicity in 2017? Who or what do you expect to get the most publicity in 2018?

Do you expect Visa and Mastercard to grow in 2018? Which companies are their challengers?

Do you own a bitcoin?

Amazon, Apple and Google have made a huge impact over the last 10 years. Who will be the new gamechangers following them?

Cards still dominate payments worldwide, but alternative forms of payment are increasing. Do you think that Card & Payments World should change its name yet? If so, to what?

Is there anything else you would like to comment on? If so, now is your chance.

Send your answers to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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